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09.45-10.00 (15 mins)
Introduction and overview

10.00-10.45 (45 mins)
Asthma and allergic rhinitis: one airway

  • Understand the links between asthma and allergic rhinitis
  • Recall the shared pathogenesis of these conditions
  • Recognise key aspects of diagnosis
  • Review evidence-based management

10.45-11.30 (45 mins)
Meeting patient need in the management of allergic rhinitis

  • Review the differences between non-allergic rhinitis (NAR) and allergic rhinitis (AR)
  • Understand what patients want from their treatment
  • Evaluate the benefits of current therapies
  • Highlight key considerations for referral and monitoring

Tea/coffee break with refreshments

12.00-13.00 (60 mins)
Best practice management of allergic airways disease

  • A review of patient cases with an opportunity to discuss the management approach, including:
    • Presenting symptoms
    • Diagnosis and management options


14.00-14.40 (40 mins)
The allergy journey: reviewing the allergy and anaphylaxis pathway

  • Understand the key aspects of diagnosis in primary care and when to refer
  • Review how to reassure anxious parents
  • Evaluate management options
  • Recall when to prescribe adrenaline and the importance of training in the use of AAIs

Tea/coffee break with refreshments

15.00-15.40 (40 mins)
Food allergy and allergic rhinitis: linking primary and secondary care

  • Spotlight on typical presentations
  • Understand immunology testing – what does it all mean?
  • Assess when to involve secondary care
  • Review the referral options and when to refer

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